JV Partnership

At Roberts Realty we make Investing in Real Estate easy and hassle-free by forming a joint venture partnership. Maybe your past investments are not doing well. You invested with your financial adviser who has no “skin in the game” on whether you win or lose, but he still gets his cut.

Do you want to invest in Real Estate but don’t have the time, or want to deal with hassles from tenants? Joining with us on a Joint Venture will allow you to enjoy the investment return without dealing with any issues.

What We Offer

1.  Roberts Realty will find the property in a quality location that meets our formula and strict criteria.

2.  We will use our Team and the systems we have in place to negotiate the purchase price.

3.  We will inspect the house before purchase.

4.  We will set up the Insurance and Financing.

5.  We will assist with the closing process.

6.  We will then renovate the property to create forced appreciation.

7.  We then rent out, and manage the property, dealing with all tenant issues and repairs.

8.  Our team will also navigate the re-appraisal of the property to pull out the equity.

Our Partners NEVER deal with day-to-day operations of the property, but rather, achieve their goals by working together.  If you don’t WIN, we DON’T WIN either.


  • Find investment property
  • Negotiate price
  • Assist with financial process
  • Get permit to change property into a 2 unit dwelling
  • Renovate property from start to finish
  • Lease property to tenants
  • Management of asset


  • Contribute down payment and reno cost
  • Hold property for 3 to 5 years
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